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A musty factory building is teeming with bored representatives of the social elite who are completely unaware of their deteriorated surroundings. These supposedly powerful people, the ones who pull the strings, are really nothing more than overstuffed puppets themselves bearing wigs and powdered faces. What stands out is a feeling of stagnation and menial activity – who thinks these problems are only confined to Hungary or Romania? Political idiocy and utter impertinence are revealed and questioned, just like the admiration-craving quality of theatre itself; thus, the use of commedia dell’arte elements provides postmodern commentary. Tompa has staged Büchner as an intermediary between Shakespeare and Beckett and taken every hint of irony he has to offer – who said that absurd theatre cannot be humorous as well? Plus, watch out for the vocal interludes. Anyone not entertained by this will have to build a theatre of their own!

This production received the "UNITER (Union of Romanian Theatres) Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2010", was nominated for "UNITER Best Performance 2010" and "Best Designer 2010" and has been invited to numerous Eastern European festivals.


about the play

LEONCE ÉS LÉNAHungarian Theatre of Cluj

Romania, 2010

Directed by: Gábor Tompa


1h40, no interval