[ph2]: estado de teatro


An evening among friends, somewhere between spoken-word performance, concert and cinema. Interplay between interior and exterior, a game of tangible space. Members of a post-ideological generation who are only able to respond to crises with their own subjectivity yet who desperately yearn to be part of a community. This production turns the fragments into patchwork art. For a long time, people have insisted that nothing is private because everything is political – perhaps that was wrong from the beginning. But how difficult would a world be in which every private matter becomes a topic of public interest yet everything about public life is privatised? Unsurprisingly, this scenario conjures up eerie comparisons and uncanny doppelgangers. Stereo Franz is the intermediate result of an ongoing five-year research process on the (re)discovery of the tragic, political and experimental in contemporary Brazilian theatre.

about the play

[pH2]: estado de teatro

Brazil, 2012

Directed by: Paola Lopes

Performance / Live Music

1h, no interval