Fancy a tango? As long as Woyzeck is stuck in the middle of everything, he might as well take the opportunity to shake things up a bit. Astor Piazzola’s music provides a dynamic beat for mass choreography, chanting and zany antics. This is topped off with sophisticated light effects – that is all it takes to surprise us, tickle our funny bone and move us. Very much an ensemble play during the rehearsal process and beyond, Sadari’s Woyzeck is physical theatre from head to toe; a very special synthesis of the arts able to conjure cross-cultural images in our heads due to its concentration on select theatrical elements.

This production has received many awards, including the “Total Theatre Award” and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s “Herald Angel Award”.

about the play

Sadari Movement Laboratory

South Korea, 2003

Directed by: Do-Wan Im

Choreography / Acrobatics / Dance

1h10, no interval